Refer A Patient

Toad Medical's TAG Brace is fabricated under license by Foot Care Solutions Australia right here in Brisbane by our Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists. It is a custom made brace using patented suspension technology

In order to fabricate the TAG Brace for your patient, we will require the following:

Patient Referral Form

Please fill in the referral form and email this using the E-mail button in the PDF as well as printing a hard copy to include with the leg cast.

Any photos or video of the patient walking that you wish to e-mail us will assist us in providing the best 100% offloading brace for your patient.

TAG Brace - Patient Referral Form - Download PDF
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Patient Progress Survey

We greatly appreciate updates you can provide us periodically on the progress of the patient and their satisfaction with the treatment and TAG Brace.

Please take the time to fill out this survey with your patient the next time you assess their progress.

TAG Brace - Patient Progress Survey - Download PDF
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Fitting Guide

Below is the TAG Brace Fitting Guide which will help your patient fit the brace and reduce any wearing-in problems that may arise.

TAG Brace Fitting Guide - Download PDF
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