We’ve been rather impressed with this device, as it makes a great deal of sense. Currently, we’ve used it on people with massive heel wounds and/or Charcot arthropathy.
David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery and Director, Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD
Professor of Surgery and Director
Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)
University of Arizona College of Medicine

This is to let you know that the ulcer on my left foot has closed after just two weeks using the T-Brace. This is simply amazing. The best part is that there was no pressure transferred to the other foot, a result that had only been achieved by using a wheelchair up until this time. I was able to get around with no problems, and I cannot tell you what that freedom meant to me. Thank you doesn’t begin to say it, but thank you.

John Byrne

Roy Blowers - Diabetic Charcot's Foot Patient After visiting a specialist in November 2013, I was told that I had a Diabetic Charcot's foot and nothing much could be done. The specialist also told me that it would take years to heal (if ever), and that there was a strong possibility I would loose my foot. I was referred to my Foot Dr (Greg Dower) who was believed to have some new treatment. The 'new treatment' was TAG Brace which has been used successfully in America, but not yet in Australia. Greg Dower provided immediate treatment. Greg organised appropriate orthotic shoes, made orthotic insoles, and put me into the TAG Brace.
I visited Greg fortnightly then monthly to ensure treatment was on track. After 4 months of care I was able to 'hang up' the TAG Brace and get back into weight bearing, walking, and even gradually back into my favourite past time, dancing. I believe this recovery timeframe is unheard of in Diabetic Charcot's Foot cases. In August 2014, I went on an overseas trip to US and Canada and was able to do most things e.g. walk reasonable distances sightseeing and walk along bush tracks. I even got to the top of Whistler Mountain. I will always have a Charcot foot, and I will always need to be careful with what I do, but I also know that my Foot Dr will be there to help if something goes wrong. I am so grateful for the professional and effective treatment my Foot Dr provided. I would recommend my Foot Dr and the TAG Brace to anyone... and I have.

Roy Blowers

The Toad Braces are superbly designed, providing new functionality and freedom for someone unable to bare weight on one foot or even two feet. Additionally, the braces are exquisitely fabricated – they are not heavy or bulky – nor are they unattractive, issues that can be 'sensitive' for disabled individuals. For me, someone with extreme leg muscle atrophy and bilateral heel fractures, the Toad Braces work with ease and comfort; they are the optimal solution for regained mobility, leg strengthening and improving one’s general quality of life.

Barbara Edelston Peterson
World Renown XTerra Champion